News: Onigiri anime gets first trailer with opening theme preview

The first quick commercial trailer for the anime of Cyberstep’s mystical Japan MMO Onigiri also gives us our first listen to Starmarie’s opening theme ‘Hime wa Rankiryū☆Goikkō-sama’ (‘The Princess is a Turbulence Party’). This comes shortly after the news that two of the unit’s five members, Monya Nakane and Nozomi Kishita, have joined the anime’s cast for their first ever voice acting roles, and that Starmarie’s single release for the OP song will be out from Bushiroad Music on April 20th.

The video’s narration by Aina Suzuki as Shizuka Gozen confirms that each episode of the series, produced by Beelzebub studio Pierrot Plus and directed by Takashi Yamamoto of Final Approach, will be five minutes long. The other previously announced staff for the show are Takamitsu Kouno of Utawarerumono: The False Faces on series composition alongside Takashi Aoshima of Himouto! Umaru-chan, with Ojisan to Marshmallow’s Atsushi Oka joining to collaborate on the scripts. Yukiko Ibe, who worked on Nanatsuiro Drops with director Yamamoto, is chief animation director as well as being in charge of character design.

As for the cast, Aina Suzuki, known for voicing Love Live! Sunshine!!‘s Mari Ohara, leads as Shizuka Gozen with Eriko Matsui, who voiced Rei in Nurse Witch Komugi R, as Yoshitsune. Love Live!’s Suzuko Mimori also joins as Ibaraki-dōji, with WATAMOTE‘s Izumi Kitta as Kaguya and JK Meshi!’s Natsuko Hara as Amaterasu, and Nakane and Kishita play Uzume and Kijimuna respectively. The show is set to premiere on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji on April 6th.

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