News: Premiere and four new cast confirmed for Macross Delta

The “Tactical Music Unit” Walküre will begin their battle with the Var Syndrome threatening to consume the galaxy on April 3rd, as Gakken’s Animedia magazine confirms today. Macross Delta, led by chief creator and chiet director Shoji Kawamori at Studio Nue, premieres at 10:30pm that Sunday night on Tokyo MX. The anime’s official website also confirmed the cast today, which was first released and translated by fans from two alien languages in December’s ‘0.89’ episode, adding four new cast members and their characters as below:

Daichi Endō as Herman Claus
Shinnosuke Ogami as Casim Everhart
Masaki Terasoma as Gramia the 6th
Yuka Terasaki as Heinz the 2nd

They join the idols of the Walküre, who have been given their actors and character previews as follows:

Freyja Wion (voiced by Minori Suzuki, the winner of the newest Macross singer auditions from the Aichi Prefecture)
A 14-year-old girl, born on the remote frontier of the galaxy, who yearns to be in the tactical sound unit Walküre.

Mikumo Guynemer (voiced by Ami Koshimizu)
The vocalist of the tactical sound unit Walküre. A mysterious girl, of unknown age, whose history and private life are all shrouded in enigma.

Kaname Buccaneer (voiced by Kiyono Yasuno)
22-year-old leader of the tactical sound unit Walküre. She serves as the “big sister” of the team.

Makina Nakajima (voiced by Nozomi Nishida)
An 18-year-old member of the tactical sound unit Walküre and a girl who appears to be a bit flighty. She serves as the mechanic.

Reina Prowler (voiced by Nao Tōyama)
A 15-year-old member of the tactical sound unit Walküre. She hardly talks or displays her emotions. She is also an ace hacker.

And the members of the Aerial Knights and the Delta Team are:

Keith Aero Windermere (voiced by Ryohei Kimura)
An ace pilot in the Kingdom of Wind’s Valkyrie team Aerial Knights. He possesses a high sense of chivalry and stays aloof.

Roid Brehm (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)
Commander of the Kingdom of Wind’s Aerial Knights. Has a very loose bearing, but still possesses great intelligence. He seems to have some fixation over his glasses.

Theo Jussila (voiced by Kei Minegishi)
A pilot in the Kingdom of Wind’s Aerial Knights, alongside his younger twin brother Xao.

Xao Jussila (also voiced by Kei Miniegishi)
A pilot in the Kingdom of Wind’s Aerial Knights. Compared to his twin brother Theo, Xao is more prone to fighting.

Bogue Con-Vaart (voiced by Kenn)
A pilot in the Kingdom of Wind’s Aerial Knights. Mischievous in childhood, and grew up as the youngest child, surrounded by his older sisters.

Hayate Immelmann (voiced by Yūma Uchida)
A blunt young man who says what he’s thinking. He’s traveled the Milky Way.

Mirage Farina Jenius (voiced by Asami Seto)
The only woman on the Delta Team. On the one hand she takes pride in her duties as a pilot, but on the other she is serious and inflexible. She shares the same family name with Max from the first Macross series, and the same middle name from Millia from the first series. Max and Millia had seven daughters with similar names.

Chuck Mustang (voiced by Shinji Kawada)
The mood maker of the Delta Team. He’s easily entertained, and no one is quicker to flirt with the ladies.

Messer Ihlefeld (voiced by Kouki Uchiyama)
The ace pilot of the Delta Team. He’s a professional who doesn’t show much emotion, and is always the most calm and collected.

Arad Mölders (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa)
The leader of the Delta Team who can be both tolerant and strict. He can also be a reliable older-brother type.

Ernest Johnson (voiced by Unshou Ishizuka)
Half Zentradi, half earthling captain of a Macross class-ship. He’s easily taller than two metres.

Kenji Yasuda of Noein – to your other self is directing at Satelight, with Log Horizon’s Toshizo Nemoto supervising and writing. Majiro of Barakamon and Yuu Shindou of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU are adapting the original character designs by Chisato Mita of CAPCOM’s E.X. Troopersgame, and are both serving as chief animation directors. And finally, Hidetaka Tenjin is credited as the “Macross visual artist”.

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