Twin tails to nekomimi: a guide to anime hairstyles

As a short-haired girlie now growing it long, I’ve found that watching anime has become something of a style book for me. Seeing old favourite characters again, and meeting new ones in the series I discover, has given me ideas on how I could express myself with different haircuts, styles and colours. Which is a different feeling for me, as I’ve never been one for styling my hair before now.

It was Usagi “Sailor Moon” Tsukino’s pretty odango with tails that convinced me to go through the awkward phase of growing out my old, very short style, and the myriad tutorials out there for that particular do gave me the idea of putting together this style guide blog. So if you’re thinking of/are growing your hair, or you already have the kind of tresses that would make me jealous and are just looking for ideas, here are some I’ve picked up from anime and some other lovely bloggers and vloggers, starting with the Pretty Guardian’s/Fumiko’s/Shampoo’s/Tenten’s style. (Delete as according to your shojo, shonen, ribbons, gems, frilly caps, tails or nay tails preferences.)

Odango buns

This sketchy guide from AmGrey, also known as Sailor Miyako, shows how simple the otherwise fiddly-looking style really is to recreate.

Sailor Moon Hair - AmGrey a.k.a. Sailor Miyako


There’s also this cute and colourful vid from kawaii model and 90884 fashion designer Haruka Kurebayashi through Tokyo Fashion, which is a handy guide for getting your odango big and fluffy even with medium length hair.

With that bit out of the way, let’s move on to…

Pony and twin tails

Two words: femme Ciel. Let’s take a moment, just to admire him.

Black Butler - Ciel.jpg

He wears twin tails with heaps more sweetness than any of us could hope to achieve, but this blog from Pinky’s DIY Fashion Diva at least shows us how to get his perfect princess curls. Still, irresistible as he is, his aren’t the only tails that keep me going through my hair’s weird kinky-wavy stage. I can’t wait till I can channel Lucky Star’s Yutaka, or experiment with how to get that balloon volume Shugo Chara’s Utau sets off with her blasé attitude.

There’s also Lucy Heartfilia, whose chilled-out side pony suits the breezy optimism and sense of adventure I so admire about her. This video from OtakuBeauty not only shows you how to create a Lucy-inspired look, but gives you an easy way to change a Sailor Moon into a Kuroi Mato of Black Rock Shooter, and makes it a triple-whammy with a one-two-step simple Maron Kusakabe from Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne.

2 Comments on Twin tails to nekomimi: a guide to anime hairstyles

  1. I always associate twin tails with tsunderes.


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