Eromanga-sensei.jpgAt the past weekend’s Dengeki spring event, which unveiled the first promo for The Irregular at Magic High School anime movie, the first details were also revealed for the Eromanga-sensei anime, based on the Oreimo creators light novels. The voice actor for the hikikomori little sister and artist, Sagiri Izumi, was revealed as Akane Fujita, who played Mahō Shōjo Nante Mō Ii Desu Kara‘s Yuzuka Hanami.

Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki’s Eromanga-sensei – Imōto to Akazu no Ma (My Little Sister and the Locked Room) follows the relationship between a light novel author and his withdrawn, yet demanding, stepsister and secret illustrator. Masamune Izumi believes he has never met his illustrator, and presumes that he is just a perverted old otaku. But then he discovers the true artist behind the pseudonym “Ero Manga Sensei”.

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The Otaku Judge

Oreimo’s writer seems to have a thing for little sisters.

Dominic Cuthbert

Yeah… does seem that way.