The dancer Yume Yamamoto revealed recently that a stage play adaptation of Leiji Matsumoto’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock manga has been green-lit, in which Yamamoto will be playing the role of Kei Yūki. Mitsunori Harada is directing and writing the production Captain Harlock ~Jigen Sokai~ (Dimensional Voyage), coming to the Shinjukumura Live theatre for a nine-performance run from June 8th-12th, and advance ticket sales will start in April.

The star of the show will be The Prince of Tennis musical’s Takeshi Hayashino as the space pirate himself, with his fellow main cast confirmed in their roles as follows:

Gon Suzuki as Tadashi Daiba
Emi Itō as Shizuka Namino
Hiromu as Diver Zero
Yukari Shimotsuki as Isora Kirita
Konona Shiba as Miime
Takao Yamada as Yattaran
Kei Ōgi as Lafresia

Captain Harlock Dimensional Voyage

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