We can now have our second look at the sword Art Online: Hollow Realisation game, as Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe released the original Japanese trailer with English subtitles on Monday. Although this trailer, following the first they also streamed subbed in December, merely says that the game will come to the west this year, Bandai Namco Europe said previously that it would be a fall release, the same as in Japan.

To mark this fresh glimpse at the game, its new visual and designs for both Sinon, as voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, and Leafa, portrayed by Ayana Taketatsu, were released on Sunday. And on the Thursday beforehand, the game’s staff unveiled the original character Premiere, voiced by Yuiko Tatsumi who also played The Irregular at Magic High School‘s Shizuku Kitayama.

Sword Art Online - Hollow Realisation


On the game’s official website, Premiere is described as “A mysterious girl. Does she have any interests? Expressionless, she stares fixedly at Kirito from afar and leaves a message for Kirito and his friends.” We in the Americas and Europe will get to figure her out for ourselves when the game is released subbed for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish-speaking audiences.

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