A few more details have surfaced on Shonen Jump’s earlier teaser for their April of all-stars. Not only has the Naruto Gaiden one-shot’s full name been released with an early peek at this week’s issue of Jump, but the day of Hunter x Hunter’s triumphant return has been confirmed, and a certain tentacled teacher and ex-God of Death is slinking back onto its pages too.

Speaking of the shinigami, Assassination Classroom is the first welcome revival on the cards, with four extra manga chapters starting in this year’s 18th issue of Shonen Jump. They will shed some light on Koro-sensei’s private life, looking into where he goes and what he does outside of school, running in consecutive issues right up to the 21st/22nd double.  

Following that, our old friends in Hunter x Hunter are coming back in the 20th issue of Jump, to be published on April 18th. Then, in the double issue on April 25th, Naruto Gaiden ~Michita Tsuki ga Terasu Michi~ (Naruto Side Story ~The Path That the Waxing Moon Illuminates~) tells a tale of Boruto’s teammate Mitsuki, a couple of weeks ahead of Boruto’s own beginning on May 9th. In amongst all of this, Yu-Gi-Oh!’s grand homecoming to Jump after twelve years will take place across two chapters, scheduled for April 11th and 18th.

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