Capcom and comics are pairing once again in the west, as following the recent end of Archie Action’s Mega Man after 55 issues, their next game-inspired manga to be published in English is Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter. Dropping you into the RPG world of Monster Hunter where fame and wealth, surprise surprise, hinge on the hunting and killing of giant beasts, this series written by Keiichi Hikami and drawn by Shin Yamamoto tells the tale of the pro hunter Raiga and his companions, revealing how they came to be so successful and skilled in their craft.

Arriving as digital and print publications from Viz Media on April 12th, the first book starts off a ten-volume series, with a new release every two months after that. Viz describe the series in their press release as follows:

It is an age when monsters rule the world, soaring through the sky, treading the earth and filling the seas. Humanity survives on the fringes, relying on a special kind of hero to defend the people from danger – the Monster Hunters!

In the opening volume of the series, hunting giant man-eating beasts is no job for the weak-hearted, but along with courage, it takes skill and experience to be a good Hunter. It also takes good teamwork. Raiga and his comrades are experts now, but when they started down the path of the Monster Hunter, they lacked these qualities. When they head off to confront the dragon-like Queropeco, they quickly learn that this flaw could cost them dearly…

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