Friends, we will be making our departure for the Dark Continent once more before too long. The Shonen Jump+ site has announced that Yoshihiro Togashi is resuming his Hunter x Hunter manga, after what was at first a two-week respite for serious lower back pain in August 2014.

More details will be revealed in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 16th issue this Saturday, so by next week we should know when to expect the next long-awaited chapter of the Ankoku Tairiku arc. By all accounts, with the current hiatus now at 76 issues, it shouldn’t break the 79-issue record from 2006-2007.

Update: Shonen Jump is now teasing “Jump‘s great blitzes in April!!” in an image posted on its official website, and as well as the Naruto Gaiden one-shot for April 25th and Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s two-chapter story starting April 11th, the Hunter x Hunter manga is pictured beside them.


With this weekend’s announcement on the manga’s return from hiatus still forthcoming, we’ve nonetheless had it spelled out to us that we won’t have to wait much longer to see Gon and the gang again.

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