Want your chance to see RWBY in the cinema? Well, Rooster Teeth have plans to do exactly that. Having previously teamed up with Tugg for a cinema-on-demand release of Lazer Team, they will be using the model once again for three compilation films of their animated series’ three volumes, and intend to release them both domestically and internationally.

RWBY Volume One.jpg

The first movie in the series will premiere on April 27th in the US and Canada, the UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and will be followed by July and October debuts for the second and third volumes. As you would imagine, they’re basing the films on bringing fans together for a communal experience of the show, and we’ve more than seen the strength of this recently in the positive vibes around international releases of anime movies such as Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. We’re sure the mood will be just as fired-up and friendly for these cinematic screenings of RWBY.

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