Bananya’s very own anime has been announced by the banana cat mascot’s owners, stationery makers Q-Lia, as premiering this July. And in a complete change of tone from his best-known role, Yuuki Kaji, the voice of Attack on Titan’s Eren, will portray the titular kitty. TMS Entertainment, who have Kyo Yatate of Sockie’s Frontier Quest directing the series, are holding a booth at Anime Japan on March 26th-27th where they’ll screen a comment from Kaji on his new role, as well a promo video for the anime.

With the studio Gathering of 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku on animation production, Yatate is also scripting and producing alongside Masahiro Takata, director and scriptwriter on Super Seisyun Brothers. Jun Mita of Mobile Suit Gundam-san joins the team as animation director, while Koichi Yokojin is director of photography, and Nobuyuki Abe, of the Ai no Kusabi remake, is the sound director.

Q-Lia announced last month that there were plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign to gather funds for the series. However, the show’s official website is yet to confirm if the campaign is still going ahead.

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