Following the noitaminA block’s other announcement of a novel-to-anime adaptation for The Great Passage, Atsuko Atsuno’s baseball novel series Battery is being given its own animation at the Hyper Speed GranDoll and Shadow Skill studio Zero-G. A quick promo has been realesed for the series, which is being written and directed by House of Five Leaves director Tomomi Mochizuki, with Hideoki Kusama of Persona 3 the Movie #1 as chief animation director and character designer based on Takako Shimura’s originals, and Akira Senju of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood composing music.

The series’ official website has opened, and a certain standout talent from a fellow sports anime has joined the team. Kouki Uchiyama, also known as Ace of Diamond’s Takahiro Oomae and Haikyu!!’s Kei Tsukishima, co-stars alongside Ushio and Tora’s Ushio, Tasuka Hatanaka.

Battery was also previously adapted as a live-action drama which aired on NHK, and its synopsis describes the show:

A story about a teenage pitcher and catcher who develop a firm friendship through their battery. Harada Takumi, an aloof junior high school boy who has a great arm, meets Nagakura Go, who can catch Takumi’s fastball. Together, they build up a trusting relationship among the teammates.


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