In amongst the promotion that took place in Japan this week for One Piece Film Gold, the first look at a trailer was screened on a morning talk show on Fuji TV. The video that was captured and put online is a little fuzzy, but it does its job as a sneak peek before we inevitably get the official article.

One Piece Film Gold trailer via Thanayut Nuisong

With the main voice cast from the anime all returning for this film set for release on July 23rd, the manga’s original creator Eiichiro Oda is back on deck as executive producer, with Hiroaki Miyamoto, the third series director for the One Piece anime, joining as director. Novelist and newcomer to anime writing Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who is known for penning live-action dramas and films such as the 2014 Black Butler movie, has written the script, and we also learned recently that Masayuki Sato is returning to the roles of character designer and chief animation director from One Piece Film Z.

The most recent video output for Film Gold was this little flipbook gem from Toei Animation, with linework supervised by Eiichiro Oda. The franchise creator also published designs for the movie’s original characters  earlier this month.

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