At the second session of Macross Delta’s first two episode screenings on Monday, as well as announcing the show’s theme songs and performers, the final missing singer was revealed for the Walküre idols’ lead vocalist Mikumo Guynemer, who is given her speaking voice by Ami Koshimizu. While the other previously announced singers for the lead group are all voice-acting their respective characters, Junma won the chance to sing as a Macross idol at 14 when she recorded Delta’s key insert song ‘Ikenai Borderline’ (‘Unreachable Borderline’). She is now 15, and the youngest major singer in any Macross project thus far.

Minori Suzuki, who portrays the anime’s lead Freyja Wion, is singing the ending theme ‘Run ga Pikatto Hikarittara’ (‘When the Run Sparkles’), and performed the song live at both of Monday’s screenings. ‘Ikenai Borderline’ is the second ending theme, and Walküre’s single debut on May 11th  will include both, alongside the opening song ‘Ichido Dake no Koi Nara’ (‘If I Love Only Once’) which is also sung by Junma.

On top of all these musical revelations, the anime’s official website  began streaming a short ad which lets us hear a quick preview of the Walküre song ‘Bokura no Senjo’ (‘Our Battlefield’), but it is yet to be officially revealed or listed as a single.

Macross Delta CM via pKjd

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