We’ve all seen McDonald’s vaguely concealed by various wacky name alterations in anime, but never quite like this. In the fast-food chain’s new promo encouraging young people in Japan to join them as part-timers, McDonald’s, anime and idols have come together to inescapably bright and adorable effect. The people are voiced by members of AKB48, the burgers and milkshakes look far yummier than usual thanks to Studio Colorido’s animation, and everyone supports each other at this restaurant run with the power of friendship.

At the start of Mirai no Watashi (The Future Me), a schoolgirl voiced by Rin Okabe sees a sign advertising a part-time job, and the manager asks her “Why don’t we go in together?” The girl gets the gig, grows in confidence and faces down some lads asking for a “free smile”, and by the end she’s self-assured enough to welcome in the next new kid nervously hovering by the sign. It’s certainly warmed our hearts, but now we’re just wishing we could go to anime McDonald’s too.

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The Otaku Judge

Only anime can be fastfood work seem like a dream job.

Dominic Cuthbert

Ha, you can say that again!