With an early peek at next week’s issue of Shonen Magazine, we can see that one of its main announcements will be a new Fairy Tail anime project, to be revealed with the new chapter of Hiro Mashima’s manga. Just how this new anime incarnation will be presented, and how it will adapt the manga, is unknown for the moment, but it shouldn’t be much longer before we start to learn the details.

The anime’s latest project for the winter season was an adaptation of the Fairy Tail Zero prequel manga, which ran from January 9th to March 11th. The main storyline’s current season will air its last episode next week on March 26th, and outside of the anime, anticipation is coming to a head for Fairy Tail’s first ever stage play, which will hold its premiere showing on April 30th.

Update: Fairy Tail‘s author Hiro Mashima took to Twitter on Tuesday to confirm plans for the series’ new anime project, and by the looks of it production has already begun. All we can do now is take Mashima-san’s advice and wait patiently for more news to surface.

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