News: Rage of Bahamut: VIRGIN SOUL’s trailer shows us Mistarcia ten years after Genesis

Ten years after the calamity of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis comes the sequel anime VIRGIN SOUL, and its first trailer, now streaming on the series’ official website, introduces us to its new main character Nina.

Here to restore the balance between the realms of humanity, gods and demons, Cygames’ latest series based on their Rage of Bahamut mobile card game brings Keiichi Satou back as director from the first series, with Shizuka Oishi of Futarikko writing the scripts. Also joining the returning team is Naoyuki Onda of Gantz as character designer, beside Goki Nakamura of Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King as art director, Yoshihiro Ike of Kuroko’s Basketball composing music, and studio MAPPA of Snow White with the Red Hair on animation production.

Pictured above, there’s the visual to complement the trailer for the series first announced last May, and FUNimation, who will be streaming the show once again, describe the story of the great dragon Bahamut’s Genesis:

Two thousand years ago, the black-and-silver-winged dragon, Bahamut, terrorized the magical land of Mistarcia. The humans, god, and demons that inhabited the land united forces against the fiend and sealed its power into a key which was split in two, one half protected by gods and the other protected by demons. Now, Mistarcia is a peaceful realm – until a human woman steals the god’s half of the key.

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