News: This year’s D.Gray-man anime gets its title, new promo and cast announcements

At the TMS Entertainment stage panel for the AnimeJapan convention held this weekend just gone, there were plenty of reveals around the now named D.Gray-man Hallow anime to tease the imagination. As well as the title, more cast were announced besides Ayumu Murase, known as Shoyo Hinata’s voice actor in Haikyu!!, portraying Allen Walker, and a new visual and promo video were given their first airing.

“Don’t stand still. Keep walking,” the visual’s tagline reads (pictured right), and to lift another layer of mystery, the cast for this year’s anime adapting Katsura Hoshino’s manga now includes:

Ayumu Murase as Allen Walker
Takuya Sato as Yu Kanda
Natsuki Hanae as Lavi
Ai Kakuma as Lenalee Lee
Shinnosuke Tachibana as Howard Link
Yutaka Aoyama as the Earl of Millenium
Masakazu Nishida as Tyki Mikk
Yui Kondo as Road Camelot
Soichiro Hoshi as Wisely
Ryota Asari as Alma Karma

In tandem with this news, the series’ official website revealed the anime’s staff on Saturday. Yoshiharu Ashino of Cross Ange is directing at TMS Entertainment, with scripts by Michiko Yokote of Dagashi Kashi, Tatsuto Higuchi of Schwarzes Marken, and Kenichi Yamashita of Actually, I Am…. As for the animation and design aspects, Yousuke Kabashima of The Girl Who Leapt Through Space is chief animation director and anime character designer, while Yasuhiro Moriki of Bakuon!! is working on design.

We also know that the fantastical alt-20th century show will return in June, and with Allen Walker and the Millennium Earl now both in play, it seems as though it won’t be long before a debut date is announced.

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