If you’re curious what’s happening with Kazuhiro Fujita, post Ushio and Tora’s anime and his 2008-2014 manga Gekkou Jyorei (Moonlight Act), here’s a video preview for his new “spectacle modern horror” series Souboutei Kawasubeshi (Souboutei Must Be Destroyed), which debuts today in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday.

The video gives us a brief look at Fujita’s masterful, monstrous artwork on the new manga, after glancing over his previous works Ushio and Tora, Karakuri Circus and Gekkou Jyorei. He introduced the clip on his official Twitter on Tuesday, and said “A PV for Souboutei Kawasubeshi that will start in tomorrow’s Shonen Sunday is made! Please check it out. It’s too cool to believe they were actually drawn by me.”

Update: Following last week’s debut of  Souboutei Kawasubeshi, which was met by the short preview above and reflections from Fujita, Shonen Sunday has revealed an extended look featuring images from the first chapter. And just in time for this week’s installment, too.

Here’s another closer look at Fujita’s artwork, with the key visual for his new manga series.

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