Yesterday the 316th episode of Gintama°, or its 51st going by its most recent run alone, brought its adaptation of the ‘Farewell Shinsengumi’ arc from Hideaki Soreachi’s manga to an end, along with the anime itself. At least for the time being. Of course, the team couldn’t have bid farewell to the series forever, as we found out with their reunion for its 10th anniversary. And even though the manga is nearing its end, there’s still the ‘Rakuyo’ arc to contend with, its longest so far having started in August 2015.

So, with the last episode’s ending, there came this hint that the anime will have its own ‘Rakuyo’ arc in the future.


Although we were sure the anime’s end was still a long way off, we’re glad to see a confirmation that our best samurai should be returning soon enough. We’ll keep you posted on any more details that surface, so keep watching this space.

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