As Terraformars Revenge closes in fast on its April 1st launch, Warner Bros. Japan has put the entire opening for the sci-fi action anime online for a limited time, to be taken down on April 7th. In true shonen tradition, see the characters power-up scream along with the OP theme ‘Koryotaru Shinsekai’ (‘Desolate New World’) by heavy metal band Seikima II.

Seikima II’s His Excellency Demon Kakka and Kanaka Sanjo’s voice actor Chiaki Takahashi met at the press conference for the show’s premiere, and you can catch some photos and footage from that right here.

デーモン閣下が自分の曲に鳥肌立ち「悪魔でも鳥肌」と新発見via moviecollectionjp

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