As well as being shown as part of the Japanese Film Festival in Ireland, Shunji Iwai’s anime feature The Case of Hana & Alice is being screened in Glasgow on April 28th. The film will start at 6:00pm, then the screening will be followed by a live Q&A session with the director and writer himself, so if you want in on this special event at the Glasgow Film Theatre, you can book your tickets at the link above.

The prequel film to the two girls’ friendship in 2004’s Hana & Alice is summarised on the event’s web page as follows:

Alice is off to a fresh start. Having just settled down with her recently divorced mother, she’s set to begin school at a new college. Upon arrival, she quickly falls victim to bullying, but after running into Fuko, an old ballet partner, she finds solace in returning to dance. It is during such a dancing session that she overhears about the enigmatic affair of the Ishinomori High murder. When Alice discovers that her next-door neighbour Hana, who’s been holed up inside her apartment for months, holds the missing pieces to an unsolved murder, she decides to pay her a visit.

You can also take a look at the Japanese trailer below.

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The Otaku Judge

I recently watched this movie and loved it. Shame that I am not based in Scotland or I would take the opportunity to see the film again and hear what the director has to say.