As promised, the official website for the Strike Witches spin-off show Brave Witches was launched on Friday. This reveal was joined by a new key visual and some more staff announcements, following  last month’s trailer which confirmed that the anime will premiere this year.

Takaaki Suzuki, who has been with Strike Witches throughout the anime series, OVA and film, is back on the team as military history adviser and the man in charge of world setting. Hiroyuki Terao also returns on mechanical design, with Tomohiro Yoshida back as sound director at Glovision, and Seika Nagaoka once again composing the music which Nippon Columbia will be producing.

The official Strike Witches site confirmed in October 2013 that the third anime series had been green-lit, but Suzuki was quick to clarify that the new series would not be “the third season” of Strike Witches. Instead, it should be considered as a new stand-alone series.

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