Yesterday evening, the Kickstarter campaign set up by Digital Manga Inc. to publish the 1984-87 manga Kimagure Orange Road reached its goal of $34,900. This funding milestone will allow the company to release an English digital edition of the first 3-in-1 omnibus volume, and the remaining five have been set as stretch goals to be unlocked at the following amounts:

Omnibus volume 2: $56,900
Omnibus volume 3: $74,900
Omnibus volume 4: $89,900
Omnibus volume 5: $105,900
Omnibus volume 6: $119,900

The campaign to get the full run released will continue until May 10th, and as of press time has raised just over $37,000. The romantic comedy series by Izumi Matsumoto was originally serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump and published 18 volumes in all, following a high-school kid with secret supernatural powers as he juggled the quirk, his classes and a love triangle with two schoolmates.

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