Naruto Shippuden: The True Legend of Itachi will continue the Light and Darkness arc with a slight shift towards the dark on the 14th. A look ahead at the episode ‘Dawn of Darkness’, followed by ‘Partner’ on the 21st, gives us a shadowed outline of a Country of Water assassination meeting, a partnership with the Monster of the Hidden Mist, Kisame, and Deidara and Sasori following the Akatsuki order to kill Orochimaru.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation makes the hop from ERASED to open this new phase of Naruto Shippuden with the song ‘Blood Circulator’, after their latest album Re: Re: was released March 16th. And elsewhere in the Hidden Leaf Village, with a warning of potential spoilers, Weekly Shonen Jump has released a teaser for the Naruto manga one-shot The Path That the Waxing Moon Illuminates.

VIZ Media have confirmed that they will also run the one-shot in their English edition of Jump, beside Boruto’s own manga, Hunter x Hunter’s return and Assassination Classroom‘s  four-part side story.

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