One of the latest Greenlight additions to start raising votes for a Steam release is Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~ , the CLANNAD visual novel sequel that picks up again with Tomoyo after her story in the first game. Released in 2005, it sees the happy couple Tomoya and Tomoyo living together on the city’s outskirts, but it isn’t long before their peace and happiness is disrupted.

Tomoyo’s brother muscles into their home with his father’s illegitimate daughter, and his ex-girlfriend Kanako who’s recently run away from home. The five of them, forced to live together, spend a summer in each other’s company, and the player must find way to navigate the awkwardness of the lovers sharing a home with strangers.


Besides the main story of the visual novel, an RPG minigame is there to be discovered, where characters from the game explore dungeons and fight monsters. You will be able to return to the world of CLANNAD when Tomoyo After gets its English release this summer.

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The Otaku Judge

Tomoyo is a great fighter so I am sure she would pulverize the dungeon monsters.