News: Flowers of Evil stage play reveals main cast in character in key visual

Flowers of Evil

The stage play adaptation of Shuzo Oshimi’s “corrupt pure-love story” Flowers of Evil revealed its key visual on Saturday, featuring its main three cast seen portraying their roles for the first time.

The leading trio have been named as follows:

Naoya Shimizu as Takao Kasuga

Mio Hanana as Sawa Nakamura

Narumi Akizuki as Nanako Saeki

The remaining cast, though which characters they’re playing is still a secret, have nonetheless been announced including:

Shigeaki Fukui
Naruya Hagiwara
Yu Morioka
Haruka Miwa
Miyuki Hiraguchi
Ayuka Terada
Soichiro Takaki
Masashi Nakayama
Keiko Matsumoto
Nenji Nagase
Takaya Maegawa
Shogo Nihira
Yuichi Uchida
Yuri Maki
Hina Takaori
Shuhei Shimizu
Hiroki Hoshi
Shinji Oshima
Ryoei Matsuura
Kana Takahashi

Written by Takuya Katoh, the play will be performed by the Gekidan Takumi theatre company at the Yume Machi Theatre in Taito, Tokyo starting July 27th and running for ten performances until July 31st. Tickets for the show went on sale on April 10th, and Katoh has said he will try his hardest to direct the play in a way that shows the utmost respect for the manga.

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