News: Live Spectacle Naruto’s new run reveals key and character visuals

The official website for Live Spectacle Naruto‘s new run, once again written by Akiko Kodama now also known for the Fairy Tail stage play, has unveiled the musical, theatrical and acrobatic performance’s key visual. This production is part of the ongoing Naruto Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project (Naruto‘s New Era Opening Project), which began to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Masashi Kishimoto’s original manga. The manga ended in November 2014, and Naruto’s mantle is now being passed on in his son Boruto’s own series.

The live spectacle’s site will also be revealing costume visuals of the cast over the next three weeks, and the first five visuals already released today are:

Kodai Matsuoka as Naruto Uzumaki
Ryuji Sato as Sasuke Uchiha
Yui Ito as Sakura Haruno
Kenta Suga as Gaara
Yuki Kimisawa as Kakashi Hatake

While the rest of the play’s cast has been revealed as follows:

Kazihiro Hirakawa as The Third Hokage
Hidekazu Ichinose as Iruka Umino
Tatsunari Kimura as Kabuto Yakushi
Asahi Uchida as Zabuza Momochi
Miho Imamura as Haku
Kaoru Fujiki as Ino Yamanaka
Tatsuya Kobayashi as Shikamaru Nara
Ryo Kato as Choji Akimichi
Yuta Iiyama as Kiba Inuzuka
Shinichiro Ueda as Shino Aburame
Saki Takahashi as Hinata Hyuga
Yugo Sato as Rock Lee
Shigeki Yamada as Orochimaru’s Incarnation
Yoshiaki Umegaki as Jiraya
Hiro Yumi as Orochimaru

Besides Kaoru Fujiki and Tatsuya Kobayashi, as well as Yugo Sato as the new character to this run, Rock Lee, all of the revealed cast are returning from the first production. The play will open on July 30th at the Umeda Arts Theatre in Osaka, and the Osaka run will end on August 7th for the play to begin its August 13th-18th run  at the AiiA 2.5 Theatre Tokyo. Tickets will be available for subscribers to the official e-mail magazine from April 20th-24th, and for the general public sales will begin on May 29th.

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