In December the “Madoka concept movie” presented at SHAFT’s Madogatari exhibit was confirmed, to the Madoka fandom’s resounding joy, as a conceptual trailer for a whole new Puella Magi project, with ballerina Madoka, God of War Mami and all. As the exhibit prepares to open its doors to Nagoya, the series’ original character designer and Hidamari Sketch author Ume Aoki has illustrated Madoka in her Swan Lake-esque tutu for the bimonthly magazine Manga Time Kirara Magica, in time for her to be the cover star for its 25th issue.

After the release of the movies, the Magica Quartet made up of Akiyuki Shinbo, Aoki, scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi and studio SHAFT continued meeting, as Shinbo storyboarded the short movie-trailer. Yuki Kajiura also returned to compose a new piece of music for the piece, working alongside the Puella Magi animation staff. Even the main cast came in to record new lines, with all the magical girls present including Kaori Mizuhashi as Mami. Kyubey and Nagisa Momoe’s voice actors Emiri Kato and Kana Asumi pitched in too, and its been confirmed that both Nagisa and Hitomi, as voiced by Ryoko Shintani, will have active roles in the still fairly secretive project.

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The concept art looks extremely similar to Princess Tutu, another magical girl anime with dark undertones. Is this an intentional riff?