Geek burlesques are hardly new and encompass all from pop to the fringes, so of course there’s anime burlesque, including but not limited to the aerial tribute to Hayao Miyazaki, fire and silk spectacle ‘Miyazaki Madness’ featuring Illuminair Entertainment. Now, the ticklingly titled ‘Strip Alone Complex’ presented by  Unnatural Redhead Productions makes Yoko Kanno, composer of soundtracks for Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, the central celebratory figure.

The show is described on its Brown Paper Tickets webpage:

I think its time we blow this scene
Get everybody and their stuff together.
Okay, three, two, one, lets jam!

Listen there, on the radio!  It’s a jazz band!  It’s a techno artist!  It’s a classical composer!  It’s all three, born from the brain of one woman!  Yoko Kanno is one of Japan’s most creative, prolific, and distinctive composers.  While she’s most well-known for her soundtrack to the anime Cowboy Bebop, she also scored Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Vision of Escaflowne, and Macross Plus, to say nothing of her many standalone works.  Strip Alone Complex: A burlesque tribute to the music of Yoko Kanno! celebrates the depth and breadth of Yoko Kanno’s work and the inspiration striptease artists find in it.  Cyberpunk!  Classic!  Slow burn striptease!  Drag!  Some cool shit with a sword!  Strip Alone Complex brings all this and more to the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater, where you can have a beverage and a snack brought directly to you in your seat!

The Rendezvoux Jewelbox Theatre in Seattle, Washington will start the show on May 13th, to pay tribute to the masterful jingle, game and anime music composer.



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