The immortals have broken international borders, and Netflix has started streaming their plight worldwide outside Japan. On Tuesday, the Ajin anime adapting Gamon Sakurai’s manga became available with English, French, German and Spanish audio, including subtitles in all those languages with the addition of Italian subs, after premiering in Japan on January 15th.

The Ajin – Demi-Human manga’s story, which Sakurai launched in Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine in 2012, tells of an immortal first appearing on an African battlefield. Seventeen years later, the rare immortal lifeforms inexplicably start to appear among humans, and become known as Ajin. High school student Kei Nagai, who’s prounounced dead in a traffic accident, is revived and has an immortal’s bounty placed on his head. And so, the boy who had a long relaxing summer ahead begins a life ever on the run from the human race he’s left behind.

Crunchyroll is releasing new chapters of the manga as they become available in Japan, and Vertical published the seventh compiled volume in North America on February 23rd. This volume was published by Kodansha last November, and the eighth volume is due for its Japanese release on May 6thin an original anime DVD bundle containing the story of ‘The Shinya Nakamura Incident’.

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