Fate/Apocrypha novels to be adapted as manga

While a Type-Moon teaser hinted at a “major” Fate/Apocrypha announcement to be clarified in the 11th volume of the Type-Moon Ace mook (magazine book), fans have got the jump on them and dug up some details ahead of the April 15th publication date. So it’s now been revealed that Yuuichiro Higashide and Ototsugu Konoe’s Fate/stay parallel world light novels are getting a manga adaptation from the Oninigai mangaka Akira Ishida.

The author, who has recently been illustrating for Fate/Grand Order, will be bringing his touch to the Red and Black Master/Servant factions story from Fate/stay night co-creator Kinoko Nasu. Originally, Nasu planned and supervised this plot for a cancelled MMO set in the light novel series’ world where Fate/stay and Zero never happened.

In more Type-Moon themed news, the revamped (heh) version of the vampire visual novel Tsukihime, first announced all the way back in 2008, is also ducking into Type-Moon Ace just to let us know it’s still happening. The edition with new, enhanced artwork and sound and changes to the storyline, including the originally cut route for Yumizuka Satsuki, has apologised for the long wait with a quick look at more event CG.

Besides that, and reports that release details are yet to be announced, it seems that there’s no more notable news to speak of in the mook’s next issue.



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