News: Sister succubi, fire power and sci-fi ero-suspense in the Jump+ spring lineup

The Weekly Shonen Jump digital spin-off Jump+ is letting that fresh springtime air into their manga lineup. Six new series are going to be introduced to the app between now and the start of May, and the full listing has been revealed as below.

Cheer Danshi -Go Breakers- by Ryou Sasai and Kenichi Kondo, new chapters weekly on Tuesdays (to tie into the summer anime).

Tabekake Gospel Project ~Dear Succubus Sister~ by Yuu Kadono, biweekly on Wednesdays starting April 13th.

Fire Punch by Fujimoto Nagarjuna, a series about a frozen world and a hero blessed, or cursed, with the power of flame. New chapters weekly on Mondays starting April 18th.

Reptoid by Tsuyoshi, winner of the Jump+ Grand Prix, weekly on Fridays starting April 29th.

End of Harem by Link and Kotaro Shono, a sci-fi ero-suspense series about a young man who wakes in a strange future, frozen in our present in an effort to save him from his incurable disease. New chapters biweekly on Sundays starting May 8th.

And finally, we’ll leave you guessing with a mystery manga:

???? by Popular Writer, coming May 9th.

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