Tohokushinsha Film’s  Kimikoe Project website has confirmed plans for its new anime film, which while be animated by Chihayafuru and One Punch Man‘s studio Madhouse. Slated to open in 2017, it will be directed by Naoyuki Ito, who helmed Overlord and the 2002 Kanon anime.

While Manabu Ishikawa of the Yozakura Quartet films ~Hoshi no Umi~ and ~Hane no Uta~ is penning the script for the film, Futari de Okawari mangaka Toshino Aoki designs the characters, and also drew the illustration above. The winner of the Kimikoe Audition, which is searching for a girl to debut as a voice actress and singer, will become part of the film’s main cast.

Tokushinsha Film and the Family Gekijo TV network launched the Kimikoe Project in January, and began accepting applicants in March. The chosen winner from all the applicants, who can register until May 8th, won’t just debut in the film, but also release a Lantis CD single and star in a regular programme on Family Gekijo.

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