Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero livestream blasted off yesterday, as promised, with the short anime Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins, on which the Star Fox games’ creator Shigeru Miyamoto teamed up with the Attack on Titan studios Production I.G and WIT Studio. With no further introduction needed, go ahead and enjoy the show.

But if that’s not enough to quell your impatience for the game, that wasn’t the only new video to feature in the stream. The Nintendo Treehouse live event also premiered the below overview trailer for the Star Fox Zero game itself, previewing its mechanics and providing a quick look at the separate tower defense game Star Fox Guard.

The Wii U release came to Japan today, and will follow for the US and Europe tomorrow. Star Fox Guard will be included as a download with the First Print Edition of Star Fox Zero, as well as being available as a standalone digital edition.

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