The second episode of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and the 15th of Assassination Classroom season 2, after being cancelled last week due to the Kumamoto earthquakes, aired as planned this week. Shonen Maid and Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto also resumed as scheduled on TBS and CBC.

While Shonen Maid did air as normal in Kansai last week, Sakamoto  was also set to air in the region despite cancellations, but news of a second major earthquake in Kumamoto preempted its programming slot. FUNimation has announced that its stream of Assassination Classroom is now back up and running, as is Shonen Maid‘s. However, they posted a notice that the third episode of Shonen Maid has been set back to April 29th due to the earthquakes. As for Kabaneri, Amazon Prime Video is now streaming its second episode as normal, and no further delays are expected.

Finally, after the second episode of The Lost Village was cancelled last Friday, it aired on MBS, TBS and CBC on Thursday night, while the series’ third episode aired last week as regularly scheduled.

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