The Maria the Virgin Witch mangaka Masayuki Ishikawa announced on his official Twitter this week that he’s taking a break from his work due to long-term health issues. The serialisation of his latest manga, the sci-fi series Madowanai Hoshi running in Kodansha’s Monthly Morning two magazine, will therefore be going on hiatus until he feels he’s able to return to the series.

The author also well-known for creating Moyasimon wrote in a blog post on March 26th that he has been suffering from severe dizziness for two years, and that his eye strain has also worsened recently. Because of this, he hasn’t been able to see his manga drafts very well since around the time he worked on the ‘Maria the Virgin Witch Exhibition’ in 2014. Taking all of this into account, this week he has decided to undergo a clinical survey, and we at the blog wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back to doing the job he loves.

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The Otaku Judge

This reminds me that I have yet to check out the Maria anime. I wish the artist a speedy recovery.