Following the announcement of a limited director’s cut theatrical release for
the web anime based on Yasuo Ohtagaki’s Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt manga, the US online retailer Right Stuf has announced that they’ll be releasing an import of its limited edition Blu-ray with an English dub and subtitles. The disc will be available from July 2nd and retail for $89.99, with Japanese, French, Korean and Chinese subs also included as options. Hopefully this means that the import will come to us in the EU at some point soon.

The director’s cut of the four-episode series has been titled Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky, and will be screened at 15 Japanese cinemas from June 25th for two weeks. Bandai Visual is streaming long and short promo videos for the film, and coming in at 70 minutes, we can obviously expect some new footage which was not included in the web edition. The first press limited Complete Edition Blu-ray and DVD will be sold at each screening.

The bonus content for the Japanese limited edition Blu-ray, which will also come with the import, includes the video ‘Those Who Challenge the One Year War ~Documentary of Thunderbolt~’, a storyboard collection, cast and staff audio commentary and the usual promo video and commercial collection. The box will also have an illustration by mechanical designer Hajime Katoki, a specially inner jacket and a sleeve case by Ohtagaki, enclosing a a 108-page “animation works” book.

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