Studio TRIGGER’s Kill la Kill sequel, the “intergalactic first love story” Space Patrol Luluco, had a new character to introduce to us in the first episode of season 2. Lalaco Godspeed, whose relationship to our heroine you can probably guess, made her entrance in the short anime series last week sporting swashbuckling Life Fiber gear, and she’s voiced by Yoko Honna, known as the original PreCure‘s Nagisa Misumi, or Cure Black. She also led the cast of Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart, and now she’s the sister of Luluco as played by M.A.O, the voice of Digimon Adventure tri.‘s Hikari Yagami.

Hiroyuki Imaishi  and TRIGGER created the series as a celebration of the studio’s five year anniversary, which falls in August, and the Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann director takes up the role again for Luluco. Crunchyroll  has streamed all five episodes, charting the first series and the debut of the second, and they describe the space patroller’s story:

Luluco is a normal junior high school girl whose father is a detective at the space patrol. One day, she visits the Ogikubo branch of the space patrol to save his father who is suddenly frozen. But she happens to be assigned as a space patrol by the chief director Overjustice. Wearing a space patrol suit with strange functions, will she able to save her father and keep the peace of Ogikubo from space criminals? And will she fulfill her life as a junior high school student, including love and study?


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