News: Death Note Light up the NEW world’s teaser introduces main characters

The sequel to the 2006 live-action Death Note movies, revealed as Death Note: Light up the NEW world, now has its first teaser trailer introducing us to new characters, and reuniting us with Ryuk. The official website posted the 30-second teaser today, and the six new Death Notes fallen to Earth spark the clash of the crazed once again.

Sakura Aoi, the “mass murderer with no ideological background” played by  former AKB48 idol Rina Kawaei, assures us in the video “I’ll show you something more interesting than Kira.” Then at the end, Shido Nakamura’s returning Ryuk comes in with his immortal line, “Humans are so fascinating!”

The site also revealed the bonuses advance ticket buyers will receive, including a ticket with special Ryuk art, and a Sensu Death holding fan. Advance ticket sales are set to begin on Thursday.

In the story of the new film, an advanced information society is globally targeted by cyber-terrorists. Two fated adversaries who “inherited the DNA” of Light and the master detective L emerge, as portrayed by Masaki Suda and Sosuke Ikematsu, and their followers clash in a war over the six Death Notes on Earth. Directed by the Gantz live-action’s Shinsuke Sato, this first screen adaptation to stick to the manga’s original six Death Notes max rule will open across Japan from October 29th.

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