In tandem with yesterday’s big character update for the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime, the series’ English page updated its own character profiles. Instead of their performance outfits, they’re now pictured in their school uniforms, and you can see their extended descriptions along with that most vital of info. Their bust size, obviously.

Love Live! Sunshine!! was first announced in February last year, and it keeps with the fan participation theme of the original Love Live! project, which let viewers vote on the fate of the idols. The new group’s name Aqours was voted for by fans, picked from the submitted ideas of Dengeki G’s Magazine readers, with 4,644 votes out of the total of 23,789 made between June 1st-11th 2015.

The first Love Live! idols, μ’s, sold their “final single” on  March 2nd, and their ‘μ’s Final Love Live!’ concerts took place on March 31st  and April 1st. But don’t get flustered just yet; despite the apparent ending the two events suggest, according to the group’s members they aren’t breaking up.

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