News: Log Horizon author Mamare Touno sentenced for tax evasion

Daisuke Umezu, the author of MAOYU and Log Horizon under his pseudonym Mamare Touno, was found guilty of tax evasion on Tuesday after being charged last April. The ruling by the Tokyo District Court was reported by NTV News 24, and Touno has been sentenced to ten months in prison, though this sentence is suspended for three years. As long as he stays on good behaviour in the interim, he will not be required to serve time for his offence. However, his management rights company m2ladeJAM has been levied with a fine of 7 million yen.

After neglecting to file around 122 million yen in royalties for three years since March 2014, Touno was found to owe the Japanese government 30 million yen, once he and his company were charged by the Tokyo Regional Tax Bureau on suspicion of violating the Corporate Tax Law. His case was then referred to the Tokyo Public Prosecutors’ Office, and shortly after being charged, he released a statement saying: “The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau notified me about the investigation on my tax reports, and I cooperated with their investigation. I have filed and paid my back taxes and completed the necessary paperwork, and so the Bureau has concluded their investigation.”

The author who launched his Log Horizon light novels in 2011, which went on to inspire two anime series in 2013 and 2014, was placed under house arrest in December to await the ruling that was given this week.

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