News: K anime reveals its return

A cast event held this past weekend for GoRA and GoHands’ franchise announced future plans for its revival, and chief amongst them was the reveal of a new anime series. Though many of the details are yet to be announced, we do know that it’s been given the title K: Seven Stories, and that director and character designer Shingu Suzuki is returning for the project alongside the GoHands team.

The other plans lined up for this year are a K -Lost Small World- stage production and a ChaLive dance performance, both set for the summer. The stage play will begin at the AiiA 2.5 Theatre Tokyo from July 22nd-24th, and then move on to Kyoto Gekijo from July 30th-31st. As for the dance performance, Animate’s Ikebukuro headquarters will host the show on June 10th.

Here’s the synopsis for K‘s 2012 anime series:

Yashiro Isana has lived a relatively ordinary, simple life. He lives in the technology-advanced Tokyo Metropolis and attends Ashinaka High School, a notable high school that is located on an island just outside the areas. Yashiro is friendly with everyone. Nothing ever seems wrong about him, except perhaps his habit of forgetting where his school’s PDA is.

However, nothing normal has been happening since the recent murder of Tatara Totsuka, prominent member of the infamous HOMRA. No one knows who exactly killed him but the man responsible bears an uncanny, identical appearance to Yashiro. Seeking vengeance, the Red Clansmen of HOMRA set out to get Yashiro and kill him.

Everyone suspects that Yashiro is the murderer. But whether the guilt is his or not is unclear.

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