News: One Punch Man manga artist illustrates Spider-Verse trade collection cover

The ‘Spider-Verse’ multi-Spidey team-up story from Dan Slott’s run of The Amazing Spider-Man comic will soon be swinging to Japan as a six-issue trade collection. In the marketing parade up to its release, Toei’s Spider-Man from the live-action tokusatsu show has been seen battling the Leopardon giant robot. But Yusuke Murata also plays a key role in the hype, as the One Punch Man manga remake’s artist has provided the cover illustration for the collection.

Murata has previously had an illustration featured featured in Marvel’s release of the Spider-Island mini-series, as well as Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. He’s also created a personal tribute to Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus.


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