The cute and tiny stackable Tsum Tsum plushies of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters already have their own mobile game, and now they’re plotting an invasion of the Marvel comics universe. Named after the Japanese verb tsumu, or ‘to stack’, they take top billing in the Marvel Tsum Tsum! mini-series, and in their reveal, Nerdist describe its plot and wider plans:

The four-part series will kick off in August. Writer Jacob Chabot and artist David Baldeon will explore what happens when a crate of Tsum Tsums en route to The Collector falls to the Earth and is discovered by a group of Brooklyn teens. The series will see the Marvel Tsum Tsum heroes interact with actual heroes, but there’s a catch—the Tsum Tsums think they’re the real Marvel heroes and are ready to save the day.

To celebrate the arrival of Marvel Tsum Tsum in August, Marvel will be doing 20 Tsum Tsum Takeover variant covers across various titles.

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