News: Persona 3 manga’s English edition to be released this fall

After licensing Shuji Sogabe’s Persona 4 manga, which published its first English-language volume in North America on March 11th, UDON Entertainment have announced that they’ll also release the mangaka’s Persona 3 series. The first volume will be coming out in September this year, and UDON have given it the following synopsis:

Persona 3 follows a diverse group of high school students as they stumble upon a strange phenomenon known as the “Dark Hour,” a mysterious time that occurs at the stroke of midnight, between one day and the next. Now, Minato Arisato and the rest of his friends in the Special Extracurricular Execution Squad must balance their busy high school lives with their continuing investigation into the Dark Hour – and you thought your high school life was tough! These unlikely heroes will have to face the demons within and find the strength to call upon their inner selves – their “Personas” – if they are to survive the horrors of the Dark Hour…

Sogabe launched the Persona 3 manga in Kadokawa’s Dengeki Mao magazine in February 2007, and Kadokawa published its ninth compiled volume  on January 27th. Though its ending is still a little way off, it won’t belong before it reaches its final chapter, as Sogabe has noted it will end in its 10th volume, backtracking from an earlier statement that it would “probably” end in the ninth volume.

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