For a little while now, the official Twitter for the Tanaka-kun is Always Listless anime has been posting chibi mini-toons of Nozomi Uda’s lazy high schooler. With thirteen episodes published so far at roughly 30-second running times, you can give them a watch below. We all need space to chill out now and then, so spend some quiet time with Tanaka.

‘A Day in the Life of Tanaka-kun’

‘Bread Struggle’

‘Tanaka’s Imagination’



‘Pack of Tea’

‘Under Construction’


‘Cup Noodles’ (a.k.a The Longest Ever Two Minutes, or Where Can I Find a Noodle Cup That Looks That Tasty?)

‘Ice Cream’

‘Corn Soup’

‘Tanaka Route Retrieval’

‘New Gripping Method’

Uda serialises the Tanaka-kun is Always Listless manga in Square Enix’s digital magazine Gangan Online. The anime series it inspired is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and they describe the story:

Adapted from the popular web manga series published by Square Enix, this unconventional, surrealist comedy follows an exhausted high school boy who, despite multiple attempts from his friends, still manages to spectacularly… sleep. Much to the chagrin of the energetic (at times bossy) Ohta, Tanaka is often found in a blissful state of lethargy, possessing the ability to doze off in any situation, especially in mid-sentence!

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