Two returning One Piece characters to appear in Film Gold with updated looks (spoiler warning)

Everyone who’s managing to keep up with the One Piece manga will know that a couple of the pre-time-skip arc’s major characters have returned in the Dressrosa arc as CP-0 agents. While fans were happy enough to know that they’ll be seeing their old friends in the anime soon as a result, an advance peek at next week’s Shonen Jump has revealed that they’ll also be appearing in the franchise’s 13th anime movie, One Piece Film Gold.

With a quick spoiler warning for those still catching up with the story, here’s the preview of the announcement page in Jump:

As ever, the manga’s original creator Eiichiro Oda is on deck as executive producer for the film premiering on July 23rd, with Hiroaki Miyamoto, the third series’ director for the One Piece anime, joining as director. Novelist and newcomer to anime writing Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who is known for penning live-action dramas and films such as the 2014 Black Butler movie, has written the script. All of the main voice cast from the anime are confirmed to return once again, and as for the film’s original characters, the current cast listing stands as follows:

Kendo Kobayashi (Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions‘ Kudaragi) as Dice

Arata Furuta (Harlock: Space Pirate movie’s Yattaran) as Kent Beef Jr. and Pork

 Korokke as Jimmy Myers and Red Eye Owls

Nadaru as Morkin

Hikari Mitsushima (One Piece OP 2 theme performer as Folder5) as Carina 

Gaku Hamada (Miss Hokusai‘s Zenjiro/Keisai Eisen) as Mr. TanakaNanao as Baccarat

Kinya Kitaoji as Raise Max, a famous gambler who is actually a key figure in the Revolutionary Army

A fan-subbed video has also surfaced for the movie’s latest trailer:

[Engsub] One Piece Film Gold – Trailer 2 via Fans Of One Piece Reborn FoOP

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