As can easily be seen with even a passing glance at the fan-made Hiatus x Hiatus charts and graphs, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter manga, launched in Shonen Jump in 1998, has spent more time on hiatus than in publication since 2006. Another artist renowned for pauses in his work is Hibari Kun!‘s Hisashi Eguchi, and on the May 12th episode of the Kanto regional talk show Otona no! (For Adults!), host Yusuke Santamaria teased Eguchi, his guest, about this fact.

In riposte, Eguchi said that “drawing weekly isn’t something humans can do. It’s impossible… in the end, [the publisher] told me ‘We don’t need you anymore.'” Santamaria then compared Eguchi’s breaks to Togashi’s, which sparked a self-deprecating response from the manga artist. “I taught him it was all right to be lazy,” he said. “Togashi looked at me and [kept taking hiatuses]. It’s my accomplishment… I’m the one who said you don’t have to draw weekly.”

Despite these comments on Togashi’s supposed laziness, which are reflected in the opinions of some of his fans, the official reason for his hiatuses is chronic lower back pain, which can leave him bedridden. Word from Togashi on his latest bout of illness appeared around the same time as Hunter x Hunter‘s 33rd volume was slated for Japanese release this summer. The volume’s exact release date has now been confirmed as June 3rd.


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