The latest in FUNimation’s line of broadcast dub voice cast announcements is the anime adaptation of Cherry Arai’s four-panel comedy manga Three Leaves, Three Colours. The series was confirmed as part of the UK and Ireland’s FunimationNow dubcast schedule, and the first dubbed episode has been available to stream since Sunday.

Futaba Odagiri is the energetic transfer student who befriends Teru Hayama, the class president who is meaner than she looks, and Youko Nishikawa, a former rich girl who still acts like a princess. Three very different girls who only share one thing: the kanji for leaf in their names. Balancing school and life is hard enough, but what about dealing with clashing personalities on top of it all?


Alexis Tipton as Yoko Nishikawa
Jeannie Tirado as Futaba Odagiri
Tabitha Ray as Hayama
Kyle Phillips as Mitsugu Yamaji


ADR Director – Tyler Walker

In other news for the anime directed by Yasuhiro Kimura, of Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE!‘s episode direction, TOHO are streaming the first minute of the show’s first unaired OVA. The episode is titled ‘Kinoko wa Karada ni Iinda yo!’ (‘Mushrooms are Good For Your Body!’), and will be included with the first Blu-ray and DVD volume set for release in Japan on June 29th.

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